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Why should a Gynaecologist be Non-Judgemental?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

A gynaecologist counseling a patient.
A gynaecologist must be open and non judgemental.

Not a very long time ago, visiting a Gynaecologist was the scariest thing for a girl. The apprehension, the hesitation, the need to lie about one’s personal life, the fear of being asked – about marriage, about being in a relationship. And the cherry on top would be the judgement passed.

But those days are now gone for good.

I am a Gynaecologist and my patients are as free as can be. They are free to tell, to discuss, to ask, to show, to share , to consult. And I realise that creating that Judgement -free space is essential in order to treat them better. We are here to treat, not to judge. We are here to give them guidance on their reproductive health but does that entitle us to scold them, to make them feel like they are doing it all wrong?


They are human, and so are we.

The times are changing and premarital relationships are more common than we can think of, I d say what we know is mostly just the tip of the iceberg.

Its not a wrong change, its an inevitable change.

Earlier people used to marry early, women were not raised to be ambitious, or even have a desire to study or work. But now women are going places, excelling in their careers and are nowhere less than men. However, the biological difference of being blessed with a uterus will stay with us.

So we need to be more aware of our bodies, we need to be in better health, and that also means we need to be more watchful about our relationships.

That said, every woman needs a Gynaecologist in front of whom she has no barriers, she can just be herself and ask anything under the Sun!

Let us bring the change the society needs by bringing in a change in ourselves first !!

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