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Role of Husband in Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a beautiful emotion for every couple, but it can be overwhelming too. Husbands want to actively participate in this journey, a few ways in which they can support their partner have been discussed here!

1. Understanding Pregnancy Symptoms:

Women undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy. They experience symptoms like fatigue, bloating, mood swings. If partner is more aware and supportive it can help them feel better during this time. Women are conscious about their growing bodies, skin changes, telling them you love them is sometimes all it takes to make them feel at ease.

2. Emotional Support:

Encourage open communication, active listening, and providing reassurance to your pregnant partner. Sometimes all she needs is a patient listener, or just being told that you are there for her.

3. Attending Medical Appointments:

Try to attend appointments together and ask questions from your Gynaecologist and stay involved in the pregnancy journey.

4. Labour and Delivery :

Participate in any discussions around the Birth-plan. Be aware of the important steps, stages of labour and how you can support your wife during that time.

5. Postpartum Period:

Encourage open communication about the postpartum experience. Watch out for any signs of post partum depression. Try to give each other some self care time too. Make sure responsibilities are shared. Crack jokes, have a laugh together, make memories. It’s a very fulfilling experience to become a parent and having a baby in your lap is as beautiful as it can be. Try to have reasonable science backed discussions whenever your parenting choices are different coz the motive is always to do the best thing for your baby! One needs a Gynaecologist who is supportive and involves both the partners. She should encourage doubts and questions and answer them to your satisfaction. Have a wonderful pregnancy journey !

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